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Crestline Real Estate serves Crestline, Running Springs, and Lake Arrowhead

The San Bernardino Mountains run east and west, unlike most mountain ranges that run north and south. Crestline is located on the western slopes and enjoys a cool moist ocean breeze. Because of its location, it is much greener than the Arrowhead and Running Springs areas that are on the desert side of the San Bernardino’. We have four mild seasons but still enjoy over 300 days of sunshine. We do have an occasional day over 100 degrees in the summer, usually in August. The winter months are cold, normally in the mid 30’s to 40’s and can be snowy. Occasionally we will experience a cold snap in the 20’s.

Crestline Real Estate

As the name Crestline Real Estate indicates, most of my business is in the Crestline communities of the San Bernardino Mountains, including San Moritz, Arrowhead Highland, Skyland, Valley of Enchantment and Cedarpines Park. According to Wikipedia the elevation is 4,613 feet above sea level and covers an area of 13.98 square miles. The population according to the 2010 census was 10,770.

Crestline is the home to Lake Gregory. It is a popular fishing and swimming destination. There are no homes built directly on the lakefront. Instead, you will find two exercise paths. One path is close to the water and has numerous pieces of exercise equipment to add to your stroll under the pine canopy. The other follows the roads and is a more strenuous walk. Walkers from all over the mountain exercise daily here. Lake Gregory also has a dog park, baseball field, skateboard park and senior citizen club. A beautiful public library is a more recent addition near Lake Gregory.Private boats are not allowed on the lake. Instead of different types of small watercrafts are available to rent at the Lake Gregory Boat House.

Some of the reasons why home buyers choose Crestline over other mountain communities are because you have a pleasant small town atmosphere, but can be too many different metropolitan areas in a very short time via the four-lane Highway 18. In fact, downtown Los Angeles is only 90 miles away.

Crestline is also offered very affordable housing. A desirable family home can start in the mid $200,000. Cabins run in the low $100,000.

Running Springs Real Estate

This includes the areas of Running Springs, Arrowbear and Green Valley Lake

If snow is what you are after, Running Springs is for you. Running Springs is located 6,000 feet above sea level in the heart of the San Bernardino Mountains. It is only ninety minutes east of Los Angeles or three hours north of San Diego; centrally located between Snow Valley Ski Resort and Lake Arrowhead and 17 miles west of Big Bear Lake. This sleepy mountain community has a population of 4,862 according to the 2010 census and is 4.213 square miles.

Running Springs is nestled at a summit so it tends to have more level yards than you see in Crestline. The area tends to have more second home owners than Crestline and a long winter to enjoy the winter sports including downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, and tubing.

Lake Arrowhead Area

The Arrowhead communities are by far the largest communities of the three areas. It includes Twin Peaks, Aqua Fria, Blue Jay, Arrowhead Woods Sky Forest, Rim Forest and Cedar Glen.

Spanning 18,951 square miles. It is the home of the exclusive neighborhood Arrowhead Woods and private Lake Arrowhead. It is the center of shopping on the mountain with Arrowhead Village and the Blue Jay Village; home to Stater Brothers, Rite Aid, and the Blue Jay Cinema. The Lake Arrowhead area has over 4,000,000 visitors annually according to Wikipedia and has a full-time population of 12,424. The altitude is 5,174 above sea level.