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Five tips to help sell your home

May 15, 2018


Selling your home can be very intimidating. You have strangers walking through the most private parts of your life. So when I list a property, I make it my goal to help owners sell their home in the shortest amount of time and for the highest amount. Here are a few tips I have learned through the years to achieve this.

The number one thing that determines time on the market is price. Pricing your home correctly can be challenging up here because no two home are alike. Some sellers think they have to price a little higher than their goal so they have some wiggle room on the price. This is one strategy, but if you price your home correctly, it can actually shorten the market time and your chances of getting a full price offer are higher. Because of the Internet marketing on sites like or buyers know the pricing. When they see something priced right, they jump right on it, fretting a competing buyer may outbid them. So, they come in with a full price offer, worried if they try to save a little cash they can lose the house to another buyer.

In addition to pricing your home correct, making your home look its best brings buyers in too. You only have one chance to make a first impression and the first seven days are absolutely the most important days for your market time. Buyers and agents are anxious to see the new listings since they have already seen what is on the market. This is especially true in a tight market. So come out with your best foot forward. Even if you have to delay listing for a short time, you will reduce your market time in the long run if you make your home look its best.

Be ready to show your home on a short notice is very important too. Naturally, weekends are the busiest days of the week. So plan on getting dressed early and have the house ready to show. Buyers get put off if they have to wait an extended period of time to see your home. Worse case, they see a different home they like a buy that one instead. Plus, if agents feel they cannot show your home easily, they avoid showing it.

Just about every seller knows to depersonalize your home. The reason is because you want the buyer to focus on the house and not get distracted by your décor. So let the buyers see as much as of the house as possible, remove art from walls, store excessive furniture, clean closets, and remove heavy drapes. All of these things help make your home appear larger. Closets are especially important. If they are packed and crowded, it tells buyers you stuff doesn’t fit, and neither will theirs! A few pieces of furniture in each room helps buyers visualize the room size. If we say the dining room is 12’ x 12’, it does not mean much to most buyers. But if they see your table, they can better judge if theirs will work.

One last important tip on how on to sell your home fast, choose the right agent. Look for someone that will listen to your needs. One that knows the area so they can determine the correct price, some sellers choose out of area agents and they underprice the listings. Find an agent that will bring you a marketing plan on what they will do to sell your home and one that answer calls. Photos and an enticing description are extremely important since 90 percent of the home buyers start shopping on the internet. I can’t tell you how many home sellers tell me their agent does not answer their calls.

Home buying is a very emotional process. So if you make these changes to your routine, you can shorten your market time by appealing to the buyer’s emotions that they fit the house and the house fits them.