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GETTING YOUR HOME READY TO SELL SERIES The wood destroying pest report

January 11, 2020

The two most important items to consider when selling your home are price and condition. If you want to sell your home at the highest price possible, then having it in tip top condition is extremely important. Sometimes it’s overwhelming trying to decide what needs to be done. An experienced agent, like myself will be able to help create a to-do list. It is wise to have a wood destroying pest inspection on that list.
Because once you accept an offer, the buyer has 17 days to make all their inspections. They will usually have both a home inspection and a wood destroying pest inspection in addition to the appraisal.
If they discover $5,000 worth of wood destroying pest work that needs to be done, they will either expect some sort of credit or request you to make those repairs. Which could mean, you are going to net $5,000 less.
I’ve had sellers tell me, “I’m not worried about wood destroying pest report because I have a professional pest company spray every other month.” What they do not realize is that company is spraying for spiders and ants. Not the kind of bugs that eat your home. The wood destroying pest license is a completely different license than a pest company, and a pest company may not even recognize wood destroying pest. Bugs that eat your home include termites, carpenter ants and wood fungus. Because fungus is a living organism, it’s on the wood destroying pest report. Fungus which causes dry rot is a much larger problem up here on the mountain than termites.

Rarely will you see a home on the mountain tented. Our winter kills off drywood termites. We have a different species that live underground and can survive the winter called subterranean termites. They can have many feeding sites and travel underground from one site to another.

Fungus, which causes dry rot is a much larger problem up here on the mountain than termites.Dry rot can be very costly to repair. I have had sellers diligently paint the top of their deck spring and fall. They never once looked under it and over the years the dry rot had destroyed the deck bottom side up and they had no idea! Keeping the underside sealed can add years to your decks. The reason is, the underside cool and shady which holds the moisture much longer than the top side. This gives the fungus time to thrive! If you catch fungus early, the technician can scrape and chemically treat it.

Another wood destroying pest problem is carpenter ants.
I have opened closets in a vacant home and see sawdust pyramids, that is a pretty good indication of carpenter ants. If you see sawdust where is shouldn’t be, that could be another indication. Once you have them, you must treat two or three times a year. They can get into your home by creating an ant chain from a nearby tree limb.

Example of Subterranean Termite damage on beams/joist

Example of Dry Rot/ Wood Fungus damage on a deck

Example of Carpenter Ants inside an attic

I strongly suggest sellers to get a wood destroying pest report before you advertise the property. Because once you have the report, you may decide to make the repairs prior inviting buyers in. Or, you can use it as a bargaining chip as you negotiate price and terms with your buyer. Having that report puts you, the seller in a much stronger negotiating position and you will not be floored by any costly repairs.

If you are planning on listing your home this season, please feel free to call me for a free no obligation pre-listing inspection. I can help you make a plan on what to do that will help your home sell for top dollar in as little time as possible! You can call or text me at 909-338-9995.

Thank you,
Rosemarie Labadie,
Your neighborhood Realtor