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Give your home curb appeal for sale appeal

February 28, 2018

When getting the house ready to sell, most sellers know to remove clutter and make their home look its best on the inside. But the outside is every bit as important if not more than the inside. The reason is, if your home lacks curb appeal many buyers will just drive by and look for the next home. So before you have the for sale sign installed, take a good look at the exterior and make sure your home looks its best. Here are a few things you may want to inspect.

Living on the mountain with over 14 species of pine trees is part of the allure of Crestline. But the trees do create some maintenance issues, especially on the roof, eaves and driveway. Pine needles on a roof are a red flag for possible roof damage. The needles hold moisture and can age the roof prematurely. A handy man with a leaf blower can easily remove all the needles so homebuyers can easily see the condition of the roof. The eaves can be another issue. Especially if you have oak trees in addition to pine trees. Overflowing eaves give the buyer the impression you are slacking on maintenance. A clean driveway and raked yard is very appealing to buyers. So during the marketing time, plan on cleaning the driveway often.

The condition of the deck is another important deal maker for homebuyers. The top rail seems to take the most wear and tear. I suggest to inspect yours, if you notice peeling paint, take the time to sand and paint the rail, and the seal entire deck if necessary. If the deck has excessive peeling paint some loans like FHA and VA will require all peeling paint to be corrected prior to funding. A sharp deck is a very desirable asset buyers are looking for. So making yours look it’s best may even reduce your marketing time. A clean inviting front door is literally real door opener! If yours needs a new coat of stain or paint its money well spent. If the locking mechanism is old or dated; a new one may give your front door an appealing face lift.

One of the things most mountain home owners enjoy is we do not have to plant grass or mow a lawn. But we do like spot color, so some colorful potted plants add a nice finishing touch.

Several years ago I read that Shell Oil Company started landscaping and cleaning up the exterior of the stations. It led to a 15 percent increase in sales. While I can’t guarantee a clean and colorful exterior will raise your price 15 percent. I am confident it will lead to receiving an offer in a shorter period of time.

If you are planning on listing your Crestline home for sale, please call me at 909-338-9995. I will be happy to meet with you and suggest ways to help you sell your home for the very highest. We can create a marketing plan that works best for you!

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