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How I Serve Sellers

My goal for sellers is simple. To list and sell your property in 90 days or less for the highest net amount possible. I reach this goal on over 95 percent of my listings by assisting sellers as they make their home look its best. Together we price it correctly then follow a marketing plan custom-fit to you the seller and to the property.

Happy home seller

Meet Laura. I listed and sold her income property

last fall in less than 33 days.

A few years ago, I listed my own home and bought another. What a huge task it was! I think every agent in the world should be required to do this every five years as continuing education so we never forget how difficult it is. If 2017 is the year for you to sell, let me help you.

Getting your home ready for sale can be the most difficult part of the entire process. That is why I started offering a pre-listing inspection.

During the pre-listing inspection, I tour the home with you and we review new laws that require the seller to make specific repairs. I can also provide a list of reputable repair people that can assist in making the repairs if necessary. After the tour we sit down and I listen to what your goals and concerns are. What you hope to achieve from the sale and your general timeline.  Often sellers have a target date of getting the home on the market. We lay down a general work plan and course of action. I provide a work list of what is best to have done before showing the home and what must done prior to closing. I can make suggestions on things that will help make the house look its best and sell it for the Meet Laura. I listed and sold her income property last fall in less than 33 days. highest amount possible.

Bavarian cottage

This San Moritz Bavarian cottage sold for full price in 51

days. Nearly double what the seller paid for it.

For example, last year I sold what is commonly called a miner’s shack. These are historic cabins generally built around the 1900’s. This one had been in the family since it was built in 1912. It had been modernized and maintained through the years, but kept the old world charm and scenic view. The family decided it was time to sell and were interviewing agents. They had a wall displayed with antiques; old items such as horseshoes and tools they found on the property and collected through the years. Other agents advised the items should be removed from the wall.

The family wasn’t so sure. I agreed with the seller. My thought was who ever want a miner’s shack wants to buy a piece of history. So the seller selected a few pieces to keep but left the wall mostly in tact. On the dining room table we displayed photo albums of the history of the cabin along with the family journal. I listed and sold the miner’s shack for $200,000 cash in less than 30 days.

Miner shack


Miner’s Shack sold for $200,000 cash in less than 30



At the listing appointment

After the pre-listing inspection, because I have seen the home I will

  • Provide an accurate comparative market analysis.
  • Deliver an itemized estimated net sheet worked up by an escrow officer.
  • Provide a marketing plan tailor-fit for the seller. Unlike properties off the mountain, there are no two homes alike; so different homes resonate with different buyers. A plan has to be custom-fit to the home and the needs of the seller.
  • Photograph the home I use a Cannon 5D and shoot between 50 to 100 different photos of the home and property. I do not use a telephoto lens. Many buyers thank me for not using a telephoto lens and distorting the house. I am told my photos sell the house because they represent the home well.

redpatioSeveral good photographs of your home attract buyers.

During the listing period

The real work begins!

Once my listings are loaded on to California Regional Multiple Listing Service

(CRMLS), they are uploaded to many other buyer driven websites such as:

My membership in CRMLS ensures the greatest number of potential buyers will see your home. By exposing your home to as many buyers as possible, it guarantees we are going to sell your home for the highest amount possible, simply because we have cast a wide net.


I sold this home in Running Springs twice in two years. Both times full price in less than 90 days.


A yard sign is very useful during the marketing of your home because it helps potential buyers and buyer’s agents find your home more easily and also informs your neighbors you are selling your home. Sometimes, neighbors have friends or family home shopping. I am happy to host at least one open house. Some sellers swear by them and others want nothing to do with them.

San Moritz Chalet sold full price in 55 days. Furnished.

When an offer comes, in I meet with you and we review all the important details of the offer.  Today’s Residential Purchase Contracts start with at least 10 pages, often more.  Understanding a buyer’s’ choice of financing is critical because of the ramifications. Generally, escrows on the mountain take 45 days to close. Escrows can stall out and it’s your agent responsibility to make sure the process is forward.  So I stay in communication with the buyer’s agent, buyers’ lender and the escrow officer to keep your escrow on schedule.

These are only a few things I’ve done for my sellers over the years that have earned me a 5-star rating on from previous clients. Visit the testimonial section of my website or to read complete reviews.

Meet evan
Meet Evan, Victoria & family. I sold them their cabin in Crestline.
Later I listed and sold their primary home in the city and helped them locate their dream home.