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Lake Gregory is a great place for a day trip

August 2, 2019

Lake Gregory has always been known for its great fishing and as a wonderful destination to bring the family swimming and picnicking. But has much more to offer. It’s not unusual to see an artist painting, drawing or photographing this beautiful lake. There must be a million different colors and subjects to create depending on what time of day you visit. Early morning, the water is like a sheet of glass and the trees and rocks are reflected off the water.

There is a very popular fitness trail around the lake that takes about an hour. You can meander under the trees near the water or stay on a more level path made of decomposed granite which is easier on the knees. Also on the fitness trail the Crestline Rotary has fitness equipment stations to make your workout complete. There’s a dog park near the south beach parking lot you can let your four legged friend run without a leash.

The lake has a large population of ducks, turtles and even a few herons you can meet while visiting. At times you may even catch sight of a Bald Eagle hunting or see a bobcat coming down for a drink. In the winter months after a snow you can see many unusual animal prints in the snow.

A child’s favorite thing to look for on the walk are the Lake Gregory painted rocks. Local artists hide beautiful hand painted rocks on the trail. My Grandson loves to search for them and then rehide them. You may even see a tree with a special painted door for little elves on the trail.

The lake also rents out a variety of watercraft including row boats and kayaks. It’s wonderful to paddle around for an hour or two. Some folks like to paddle to a distant shore and have a picnic.

Whatever you decide to do swim, fish, paint, stroll, picnic or photograph, Lake Gregory is a great destination and only 90 miles from Los Angeles!
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