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What to do with leftover paint

May 2, 2019

One of the services I provide homeowners planning on listing their property is a pre-listing inspection. During the inspection I visit the home and offer suggestions on how to make their home look it’s best. Invariably, there are many things that have accumulated that need to be addressed and removed before close of escrow or better yet, before showing the property. It is not unusual for a few carloads of former treasures to be donated to local thrift stores and maybe even a trip to the dump. Sellers always say, “I can’t believe how much junk I have collected!”
Left over paint is one of the items on that list that just collects. I bet every home in America has old paint sitting around. When you are selling, it has to go. If what you are storing is the current color scheme, you may want to wait and ask your buyer if they would like the paint for touch up. Some buyers really appreciate it. Others say no way! I will select my own colors later.
Thank goodness, the San Bernardino Fire Department has a household hazardous waste division with facilities you can drop off your hazardous waste! It is committed to providing safe and efficient hazardous waste collection. Best of all it is a free service for San Bernardino county residents. They accept old paint, thinners and varnish in addition to many other hazardous items including motor oil and filters, auto and household batteries, cleaners, old gasoline, antifreeze, weed killers, pesticides, fertilizers, chemical drain cleaners, pool and hobby supplies, old mercury thermostats and electronic waste. Some centers will accept sharps/needles (in approved containers only) and out dated medicines.
If you are planning on taking advantage of this service, the items must be in the original container and not leaking. So, a milk jug labeled gas is not acceptable. Place the items in a cardboard box and secure it in the car. When you arrive at the site, stay in your car. The staff will unload for you.
There are two facilities near our mountain community that collects hazardous waste. The main facility is near the San Bernardino airport, 2824 East “W” Street, Bldg. 302, San Bernardino, CA 92408, Monday—Friday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. The facility accepts e-waste and sharps. Material Exchange hours Mon-Fri, 1:00 -3:30 p.m. The City of Big Bear has a facility open on Saturdays 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Public Service Yard,42040 Garstin Drive, Big Bear Lake, CA 9231. It accepts sharps. If you have any questions call this number for information: 909-382-5401.
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As seen in Mountain Tidbits May 3, 2019 issue